The Trevor Project

Suicide: The Not So Silent Killer

Written By: Jenny Garcia More than 1,000 college students will commit suicide this year. With midterms, finals, transfer applications and the holidays coming up college students are under great amounts of pressure. Sometimes for some students the pressure gets to be too much and their not always silent cries go unnoticed and the end results…

Captured Image Vintage to Contemporary Photography at Norco College Art Gallery

Photography: Taking a Piece of the Past into the Future

Written By: Jenny Garcia Walking into the Norco College Art gallery the noise from campus fades away into the background. The photographs that hang around the room show people and places that are waiting to take you on a journey if you just step inside. Stepping up to a photograph by Catherine Segura entitled “Josiah”…

Sarah Kabbara Feature

Sarah Kabbara

Sarah Kabbara is a sophomore at John F. Kennedy Middle College High School.  As a journalist, she intends to fing the best stories that suit the reader’s interests, and to reflect on what goes on locally, nationally, and internationally.  She is an approachable person who is willing to listen to reader ideas and opinions.