Sarah Kabbara Feature

Sarah Kabbara

Sarah Kabbara is a sophomore at John F. Kennedy Middle College High School.  As a journalist, she intends to fing the best stories that suit the reader’s interests, and to reflect on what goes on locally, nationally, and internationally.  She is an approachable person who is willing to listen to reader ideas and opinions.

Jordan Tovar Feature

Jordan Tovar

Jordan Tovar graduated from a high school in north Texas and is a first-year student at Norco College.  She participated in an advanced Radio/TV/Film class as well as broadcast journalism throughout high school.  She focuses on celebrity and world news and is planning on majoring in radio broadcasting as well as journalism with the hope…

Alexa Hernandez Feature

Alexa Hernandez

Alexa Hernandez is an aspiring journalist and first-year student at Norco College.  She was a staff writer at Ramona High School for two years, and news editor for one year.  She is a Chicana feminist and human rights activist.  Her focus is on news and politics. She is currently an associate manager at the Riverside…